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Third Grade Assignment

July 7, 2020

   Do you remember being in third grade?  One of the first things your teacher made you do was write an essay about what you did ov‚Äčer the summer.  As busy and exciting as your summer probably was, when told to write about it, all you could remember was not being in school and sleeping till nine o'clock.  Then, slowly, your memory clicked into gear and all those exciting adventures took shape.

    Now I am not even going to try to remember everything I did the 10 or 12 weeks between second and third grade.   I probably slept till nine o'clock and played with Billy Topper, Ike Goodman/Rosensteel, Vonna Battistella, Debbie Lynn, Gene Morgan, Ronny Rittenhouse and other neighborhood kids, but that's it for long-ago memories.

    What I do remember, however, are some of the things I did during our Spring shutdown. You remember the shutdown.  Those long days and weeks we were required to stay inside, wear masks and avoid being within six feet of other people. I guess that still applies.

    I discovered and learned how to play games that have been hiding on my computer.  Talk about a total waste of time.  I wonder how many games certain high-ranking politicians learned to play?  Those of us in the Keystone State learned we have a king to rule over us.  (I could too easily go on a tangent right about now, but will save that for another day.)   Back to the shutdown. 

    Other than playing games and washing my hands every 15 minutes to avoid contaminating myself, I spent quite a few hours taking pictures which, of course, is what I do.  Photography is both a hobby and my career. Every minute I spend taking pictures is a joy beyond measure.  Well, there was one incident during the shutdown that was less than pleasurable.

    While in the process of capturing a scene of white flowering bushes on a nearby street (I defied "King Wolf" by going outside), a somewhat gruff-looking guy approached me carrying a baseball bat and wanted to know what I was doing.  A shutdown is not the best time to make new friends.  Anyway, I lived through the experience and am reasonably sure I will avoid that section of Lewistown on future picture-taking excursions.

     My only other vivid memories of going through the shutdown are of eating.   My second most-favorite hobby. South Side Hoagie Shop and Burger King got a good part of my business.  Eating in a parking lot is always an interesting experience.  Most of the times I ate at home my meals came from Domino's Pizza.   What I ate from those various establishments probably tasted good, but I cannot remember what any of it was.

     My very favorite memory of the shutdown occurred on Easter Sunday.  I had watched a televised church service and was playing a game when the phone rang.  It was a voice from the past.  From a friend I like very much.  She wanted to know if it was okay to deliver an Easter dinner. I, naturally, accepted at once.  Less for the dinner as for the chance to talk with her for a few minutes.

    The dinner was great!   Baked ham, mashed potatoes, baked corn, candied sweet potatoes, pineapple sauce, a brownie with chocolate frosting for dessert, and chili to eat the following day.  All homemade by Dani Wray Bowsman.  Dani even brought her son, Cohnor, along to help, and her husband, Tony, to drive.  Seeing Dani and her "guys" provided a memory I will long remember.

   I hope you have at least a few positive shutdown memories.  Even if you aren't asked to write an essay.